Ignite Via de Cristo

What is Via de Cristo?

The method is a structured three-day weekend designed to strengthen and renew the faith of Christian people and bring them to a new awareness of living in God’s grace. A Via de Cristo weekend begins on Thursday evening and ends on Sunday evening. The participants live, study, worship and commune together daily. Through 14 progressive talks, Via de Cristo gives attendees a living understanding of basic Christian truths. There is music and singing, food and fellowship, a time for laughter and a time for prayer. Christians of all denominations are welcome. The objective of the movement is to inspire, challenge and equip people for Christian action in their homes, churches and communities.Via de Cristo is the adult-version of TEC, or Teens Encounter Christ.

We offer two types of weekends. In the spring, the men’s weekend is one weekend, and the women’s is the following. The fall weekend is co-ed, with men and women together for activities and separated for the sleeping arrangements. Both spring and fall are open to married couples and singles alike.

Why attend a Via de Cristo weekend?

Via de Cristo is intended for people from every walk of life. It’s for church leaders and lay people who live strong and active lives in Christ as well as those who need to be renewed and strengthened in their relationship with Christ and the people around them.

Many people who attend a Via de Cristo weekend express that they truly felt the love of Jesus deeper than they have ever before. They are given tools to build a foundation of a Life in Grace, and want to share this with others.

How do I sign up? Is there a cost?

You can contact your pastor or click here for more information if you are interested in joining us for the weekend. Transportation is usually provided for you on Thursday and returning in the evening on Sunday. There is fee to attend the weekend, but it is usually paid by a sponsor. Once your application has been processed, you will receive more information about what to bring with you.

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