You have a choice as to which secretariat will be your family, your community, your “home base”. You can serve on weekends in any secretariat, but you have voting rights in only one secretariat – the secretariat you choose. Currently we have all been listed as members of Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota. Northern and Metro MN retain this name after our transition.

To continue as a member of the same Southern MN community, you need to request to move your membership to the Ignite Community because all of us are currently members of Lutheran VdC of MN.

According to NLS rules, in order for current cursillistas (4th day community members) to be listed as an Ignite member, they must signify they wish to transfer membership to this new community. The biggest reason for changing your membership is for voting rights and to hold certain board positions.

You remain “family” in our hearts, no matter which community you choose to hold your membership. Whichever secretariat you choose at this time, please follow the membership form link and fill out the membership form. Every individual interested will need to fill out their own form, so multiple members of the same family will need to fill out the form separately. New weekenders will automatically become part of the Ignite community, just as you joined the VdC of MN community as a 4th Day member at the end of your weekend.

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