A Message From Our National Lutheran Secretariat (NLS)

Saturday, Oct 1, there will be a Town Hall Meeting from 12-3 PM to discuss proposed amendments to the National Lutheran Secretariat bylaws. Most of the amendments were first proposed and tabled in 2020 and were discussed in the May 2022 Town Hall, but there are new amendments proposed for Bylaw 3.5 (regarding quorums) and an update on Bylaw 4.5. 

This is your opportunity to review the proposed changes and the reasons behind the proposals. Questions are encouraged and you will have the opportunity to discuss possible revisions to the proposals. If we all participate in this discussion, we can ensure the final results represent a consensus of the community. If you would like to attend the Town Hall Meeting (and all are welcome!) and would like to receive a copy of the proposed bylaw amendments, please send an email to director@ignitevdc.org.

There will be a second Town Hall Meeting on November 5, 1:30-3 PM to review any revisions in the bylaws resulting from the October Town Hall. The Special Meeting to vote on the proposed amendments will be Dec 3, 12-3 PM. To conduct official business, a quorum of authorized delegates must be present at this meeting. 

You can join the Town Hall Meeting using this link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/81264506399?pwd=MSs1VTdmOUtVQmZVNndLamxiVmh6Zz09

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