Rules for all committee members:

  • Committee members help the Chair
  • All Committee Members are appointed by council
  • Committee Members are welcome, but not required to attend council meetings
  • Committee Members must report to chair before every council meeting 
  • Committee Members do not get a vote at council meetings unless they are the designated proxy for the chair

Executive committee:

  • Made up of:
    • Director
    • Director Elect
    • Secretary
    • Finance chair
    • One SD
  • Responsibilities:
    • Yearly review of by-laws
    • Review appointed positions yearly
    • Take action to resolve problems that arise between Council meetings. 
    • Report all Executive Committee decisions to the Council. 
    • Prepare written minutes of the Executive Committee meetings. 
    • Review annually all the appointed Council positions and members and make recommendations for any necessary changes.. 
    • Identify individuals to fill open positions and present to the Council for approval. 

Rector Selection Committee:

  • made up of:
    • Director
    • Director elect
    • Leadership and Development Chair
    • One SD
    • Previous rectors/rectoras
  • Responsibilities:
    • Prayerfully choose rectors based off of these rules:
      • Person must have a home church
      • Person must have served at least 3 out of the 4 teams
      • Person must have been rector or asst rector on a support team.  It’s preferred that he/she has served in a leadership role on multiple teams. 
      • Person must have been an asst in the rollo room
      • Person must have been active within the past 3 years
    • Select  a rector a minimum of 6 months before each weekend – start discerning list and asking 8 months ahead of each weekend
    • Ask potential rector to pray about position 
      • Timely responses from potential rector must be adhered to, so committee can move on to another candidate if they say no


The secretary is to glorify God by attending and being responsible for accurate minutes of meetings of the Council, serve all notices provided for in these By-laws or directed to be served by the Director or the Council and perform other duties as usually pertain to the office of Secretary. Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Record the minutes of all meetings of IGNITE.
    • Distribute meeting minutes to council within 7 days after meeting to review for approval at the next meeting.
    • Distribute approved minutes to website manager to post on the website no more than 7 days after council approval.
  • Manage the Google Drive account with all the docs/files including but not limited to by-laws, articles of incorporation, manuals, minutes, agendas, government documents, etc.
  • Be responsible for Logo rights/disbursement
  • Review and update Ignite Via de Cristo documents as needed. 
  • Review and create documents as directed by the Council or as needs arise. 

Spiritual Directors:

The Spiritual Directors are to glorify God through spiritual leadership. Up to two Spiritual Directors are elected to the Council and at least one shall be Lutheran ordained clergy and an active Via de Cristo participant. Both have voting rights at meetings. The Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assist rectors in finding SDs for weekends and assist weekend SDs with Via de Cristo guidelines.
  • Assist new SD’s in understanding their role on the team, as well as the commitment involved.
  • Assist in finding SDs for ultreyas if needed for eucharist.
  • Reach out to local pastors that haven’t attended and inform them about IGNITE, our mission and the joy of VdC. Develop an outreach program to invite new pastors and seminarians to participate in Ignite Via de Cristo®.
  • Be the spiritual support for the council.

Finance Chair:

The Finance Director is to glorify God by heading the Finance Committee and overseeing the duties of the Treasurer. He/she shall also prepare Annual Reports, prepare an Annual Budget and send financial gifts as needed. Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Responsible for the collection, maintenance, verification, and documentation of all financial records for the organization .
  • Support the non-profit status of the organization . 
  • Financial planning by clarifying goals and needs – long term, short term, and special appeals and requests. 
  • Analyze previous expenses for use in preparing future budgets.
  • Set standard range of costs. 
  • Develop financial documentation for appeals and JOG (Joy of Giving) talks. 
  • Maintain current bank signature card and authorization. 
  • Develop financial reporting forms as necessary. Report to council quarterly profit/loss reports. Present a financial statement at every meeting of the organization and at other times when requested by the executive committee
  • Set up authorization procedure for major expenses, identify and document written procedure of the Treasurer. 
  • Oversees all finance members which have checks and balances between them
  • Report to council all tax filing updates (find dates and put in) – these must be approved by the director and compliance team member before filing (see below)
  • Complete yearly govt filings after annual meeting
  • Make a full report at the annual meeting – the meeting at which new officers officially assume their duties
  • Have the accounts examined annually or upon change of officers by an auditor or an auditing committee of not fewer than three members (one of whom is the Finance Chair), who, satisfied that the treasurer’s annual report is correct, shall sign a statement of that fact at the end of the report
  • Positions they manage:
    • Weekend Finances
      • Person to connect with rector and weekend treasurer and be their helper/guide/mentor 
      • Make sure each weekend is financially resolved
    • Compliance
      • Make sure the association is in 501(c)3 compliance 
      • Helps treasurer complete yearly govt filings
    • Fundraising
      • Oversee fundraising events/committee
      • Finds different groups to help with fundraising events
    • Treasurer 
      • Record and have custody of all the funds and securities of IGNITE in which may come into his/her hands and are deposited in such a bank or depository as the Council may Designate.
      • Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures.
      • Make disbursements as authorized by the director, executive board, or IGNITE in accordance with the budget adopted by Ignite
      • Provides a written financial report at Council meetings. 
      • Support the non-profit status and tax reporting requirements of the Organization  by preparing and filing the appropriate documents which includes the Form 990. The 990 Form shall be submitted to the board of directors prior to the filing of the Form 990. While neither the approval of the Form 990 or a review of the 990 is required under Federal law, the corporation’s Form 990 shall be submitted to each member of the board of director’s via (hard copy or email) at least 10 days before the Form 990 is filed with the IRS.
      • Maintain an annual reconciliation process. 
      • Prepare and maintain all financial records. 
      • Be responsible for the maintenance of books of account and records
      • Submit the books annually for an audit by an auditing committee selected by the executive board (including at least the director and financial chair) within two week(s) of the tax year end
      • All other such duties as usually pertain to his office or may be assigned to him/her by the Council. 

Leadership and Development Chair:

The Leadership Training and Development Chair is to glorify God by seeking, training, developing and evaluating leadership. The responsibilities of the Leadership Training and Development Director are as follows:

  • Maintain manuals 
    • Review at least every three years and update when needed. 
    • Keep communications chair updated with newest versions for the website.
  • Using materials supplied by the Council, provide informational session to prepare rector prior to the first all-team meetings. These meetings will provide a broad overview of the Via de Cristo® program (pre-weekend, the weekend and post- weekend). The forum shall provide an opportunity for questions and discussions. 
  • Lead trainings for the rector, leadership and full team. 
  • Assist rector with regulations and offer support, encouragement and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Notify the Communications Chair well in advance of all training dates so the information can get out to the community.
  • Meet, according to schedule, with Rectors to instruct, give manuals, community roster, team application lists, etc.
  • Develop future leadership by reviewing weekend evaluation forms for any recommended names with leadership qualities and to provide a roster of leader possibilities from computer printout.
  • Identify and pass possible names on to those choosing team members – Rectors, Assistant Rectors, Support Team Rectors, etc. 

Communications Chair:  

The Communications Chair is to glorify God through the coordination of communications to the 4th Day Community. The responsibilities of the Communications Chair are to oversee the preparation of the annual report and to oversee the following appointed positions: 

  • Gather and edit newsworthy items for publication and acknowledging copyright of items taken from other sources. 
  • Make sure all information is getting out through all sources – facebook, website, newsletter (snail-mail), ballots (any other outlet we may add)
    • Weekend, ultreya, meeting info
    • Meeting minutes
    • Weekly devotions or other weekly or monthly write-ups
  • Ensure all Communication Committee Members strictly follow Council guidelines in creating all web content. 
  • Ensure those without the means to electronic communications are kept up to date (mail, phone)
  • Positions they manage:
    • Social Media: (could all be one person or team of 2)
      • All social media outlets must have 2 administrators – all passwords must be shared with the director
      • Facebook
        • Post event info
      • Website
        • Ensures fees are paid in a timely manner
        • Implement a web strategy as proposed by the Council. 
        • Post event info
        • Post meeting minutes within 3 days of receiving them from secretary
        • Post other info/fun things to keep community engaged
        • Establishes our site as secure
      • newsletter 
      • Manage google calendar
      • Texts???
    • Data Processor – (could all be one person) 
      • Database/roster – maintain an up-to-date membership list
      • Allocations 
        • Collect applications and distribute to rector and council.
        • Follow the guidelines for the acceptance of weekenders as set forth by the Council.
      • Historian – keep records of past weekends (locations, rosters, team and rollo room photos, and name tags?)
      • Keeps rector eligibility list up to date and distributes to rector selection committee when update

Outreach Chair:

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to glorify God by coordinating outreach activities to potential Via de Cristo Churches and other like ministries.

  • Responsibilities include:
    • Oversees committee and reports back to council
  • Positions they manage: (some can double up if needed)
    • Renewal Group
      • Help form and fire up Renewal Groups.
      • Help new 4th Dayers find existing Renewal Groups to join.
      • Help Renewal Groups find bible studies and community service to do.
    • Palanca 
      • Mail the Ignite Via de Cristo® weekend schedule to Via de Cristo® and related communities throughout the United States and overseas, such as Episcopal, Catholic, Unidos en Cristo, Charis, Walk to Emmaus, TEC, etc. 
      • Send palanca on behalf of Ignite Via de Cristo to other Via de Cristo® and related weekends in a timely manner so as to reach them prior to the start of sponsored weekends. 
      • Provide guidance throughout the 4th day community regarding prayer vigils and palanca for upcoming weekends. 
      • Distribute wall palanca letters received from other communities to hang at every weekend.
    • Ultreya 
      • Extend the experience beyond the Via de Cristo weekend. 
      • Work with 4th day community and set up  at least 4 ultreyas each year throughout our borders.
      • Facilitate at least one ultreya as a community service project ultreya a year.
      • Involve  as many from the 4th Day Community as possible.
    • Church outreach
      • Reach out to local churches to inform them about IGNITE, our mission, and share the joy of VdC. Visit pastors and explain the mission and ministry of Via de Cristo. Ask and schedule an opportunity to present a temple talk at churches. Present temple talks at area churches or arrange for a 4th Day Community member to do so. Provide Via de Cristo brochures, applications and Sponsor Guidelines to each potential Pastor and/or church secretary.
      • Open and maintain dialog with other like ministries in the state. 
      • Work with members to have a booth at the different church wide events such as Synod meetings.

November 14, 2019

Weekend #1 Recap

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden. Neither do people light a lamp and put it under a bowl. Instead they put it on its stand and it gives light to everyone in the house. Let your light so SHINE before others, that they may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven.” Matthew 5:14-16 

The verse chosen for Ignite Weekend #1 (Matthew 5:16) was a perfect fit for our new Ignite community. As Christians, we need to let that light shine and share it with the world. Can you hide a city that is sitting on top of a hill? Its light at night can be seen for miles. If we live for Christ, we will glow like lights, showing others what Christ is like. We hide our light by 1) being quiet when we should speak, 2) going along with the crowd, 3) denying the light, 4) letting sin dim our light, 5) not explaining our light to others, or 6) ignoring the needs of others. Be a beacon of truth – don’t shut your light off from the rest of the world.

This past weekend we were able to share this light with eight new members of our family. As usual, there were powerful moments throughout the entire weekend for both our guests and team. God was certainly present. He sure gives us what we need, right when we need it!

Thank you, Lord, for time together once again – time to share and grow with one another and with You!

Reminder of Membership Transfer

Up until recently, Ignite had not officially separated its members from Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota. We have been working as our own non-profit, raising and using our own funds. However, the membership list had not been transferred yet because the Kindling Committee wanted to make sure all of the legal parts were in order first, including the trailer, insurance, and our first weekend. In September, the VdC of MN board voted to graciously donate the trailer and all of its contents to Ignite. Without this donation, we would not be where we are today, planning our first weekend in just a week.

On October 21, 2019, Matt Morrissey, as a representative of Ignite, sent a letter to the VdC of MN board informing them of our official membership separation. We would like to thank you all for supporting this new journey on which God has sent our community. Please continue to be in prayer for Ignite to flourish and for VdC of MN as they now focus on where God is leading them without the Southern District.

If you haven’t done so already, please choose which secretariat you want as your family, your community, your “home base”. You can serve on weekends in any secretariat, but you have voting rights in only one secretariat – the secretariat you choose. Currently, we have all been listed as members of Lutheran Via de Cristo of Minnesota. At this time, Northern and Metro MN will continue with this name now that our transition is complete.

To continue as a member of the same Southern MN community, you need to request to move your membership to the Ignite Community. According to NLS rules, in order for current 4th day community members to be listed as an Ignite member, they must signify they wish to transfer membership to this new community. If you do not switch your membership, know that VdC of MN will keep you on their membership list, which means they will spend time and money getting information about their community to you. Plus, you will not be on the Ignite membership list, which may leave you out of getting pertinent information about the Ignite community.

You remain “family” in our hearts, no matter which community you choose to hold your membership. Whichever secretariat you choose at this time, please follow the membership form link and fill out the membership form. Every individual interested will need to fill out their own form, so multiple members of the same family will need to fill out the form separately. If you would like assistance with this form, please call Marian Mallory at 319-493-0301. There is a team to help you with this process.

New weekenders will automatically become part of the Ignite community, just as you joined the current community as a 4th Day member at the end of your weekend.  They will not need to choose their membership.

Two New Features on the Website!

The Donate Page has been updated. You can now pay your JoG and sponsor fee online. You can also make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor

Also, you may have noticed there is a new Documents Page in the menu of the website. This page will be utilized for documents that members will need from time to time. This includes, but not limited to: meeting minutes, manuals and legal documents such as Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and weekend food palanca sign-up lists.

This page is password protected so we can relay weekend information to the community without spoiling any blessings to potential guests. The password is the third leg of the stool (hint: piety, study and …). Any 4th day community member should easily remember this password and is welcome to view this page full of documents.

Some documents are still being put together but as soon as they are ready, they will be added to that page. For instance, the By-laws of our organization will soon be finalized and will be posted there for all to view. These By-laws will then be voted on by Ignite members in February when we also vote in council members.

Eventually,  all of the team manuals and individual job manuals will be available there as well. These can be downloaded to save printing cost and members can print them at home or simply pull them up on any device. Don’t worry – if you do not have or want these capabilities, paper copies can still be provided to you.

Shortly before each weekend, you may also see weekend food palanca lists here. These lists will give you a chance to fill your name into a spot to purchase food palanca even if you are not serving on team. You can send these items with a friend that is serving or simply bring it to the event on Thursday.

Are there going to be big changes with Ignite?

     Absolutely not. The Kindling Committee wants to reiterate that Ignite weekends will be the same as you’ve all come to know and love. Weekends will have the same rollos, special events, and schedule as in the past. It is also still the same Lutheran-based theology.

     There are things such as manuals, verbiage, and council duties that the state has been discussing updating and simplifying for years. The committee thought this would be an opportune time to do some of these updates. Again, these updates do not change what our community has been doing. The committee is just updating complex manuals, simplifying some verbiage, and restructuring the council to run more more efficiently. The committee is committed to keeping things in accordance with the Lutheran Via de Cristo ways and most community members will not notice any differences.

     The Kindling Committee is working on council structure with Chair positions and job duties. When this structure is finalized, it will be posted in detail on the site. We will then be looking for nominations for Chair positions and the community will hold a vote in February to fill these spots. Each Chair will have a committee to help them. These committee members will be appointed and are not required to come to meetings, but as are all 4th day community, they are still welcome. The Ignite community would love to see new faces on this new council… we would love to see YOU!

     As a new secretariat, we also must have our own By-laws. The committee has been working on these By-laws and they are not all that different from what everyone is used to. Once the committee gets these ironed out, they will also be posted for Ignite member review. There will be ample time for suggestions and discussion from the community before the Ignite community all votes on them in February.

     The Kindling Committee meets at least once a month and all are welcome to these meetings at any time. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. We would love to hear from you! We want to make sure that every concern is heard and any misunderstandings ironed out. Meetings are always posted on the calendar on the event page and are open to all 4th day community.

How do I sponsor someone?

Now that the Willmar weekend is officially the first Ignite weekend, we need some sponsors. You may be asking yourselves, “What exactly do I need to do if I want to sponsor someone?”

The Sponsor’s purpose is to help develop and encourage spiritual growth for a person attending a weekend and to support this person in the ongoing dedication of their life in grace. The sponsor is an example of a life in Christ.

The sponsorship fee is $50. However, please don’t let the amount deter you from sponsoring. If you can find the right person/people to sponsor, but don’t have the funds, we will reach out to the 4th Day community for help in sponsoring with the monetary part. For help with this, questions on sponsoring and other sponsor obligations, simply email current rector for help.

Before you become a sponsor you should…

  • Ask the Lord for guidance and help to enable you to carry out your responsibilities as a sponsor.
  • Have a home church
  • Be a part of a renewal group.
  • Be prepared to stay in close contact with the new 4th Dayer for up to one year. Be sensitive to the length of time a 4th Dayer wants your support.

You have a friend who would like to attend…

  • Help the applicant fill out an application on-line or print out and submit properly.
  • Take time to get better acquainted with the person you are sponsoring prior to the weekend (especially if you are not well acquainted with that person).
  • If you know there will be responsibilities or support you are not able to fulfill for the applicant, find a co-sponsor to help you with this. Be sure the co-sponsor also gets acquainted with him/her.

What to tell the person you are sponsoring…

  • If they are anxious, tell them what to expect. Feel free to explain everything. We are not about secrets. Of course, there are parts of the weekend that are best experienced if all the details aren’t known, so be honest and open without stealing any joy from particular events.
  • Explain complete attendance is expected for the weekend (no leaving and returning).
  • Explain start and end times of the weekend. This is 7:30 pm on Thursday – usually
    Sponsors choose to take the person they’re sponsoring out for supper prior to start time  – until about 5 pm Sunday evening.
  • Explain renewal groups and other gatherings after the weekend. Be willing to help them find one to participate in after the weekend.

The wait… Remember it’s in God’s time!

  • Help meet needs that may arise for home, job, childcare.
  • You and the person you sponsor will each receive a letter of acceptance from the weekend rector.
  • Check in with the person you are sponsoring a day or two before the weekend to answer any last minute questions and to give encouragement.
  • Remember Palanca – Palanca means sacrificial giving or prayer. Helping set up or clean up for the weekend is appreciated by all. Other material palanca may be delivered to the 4th Day room any time during the weekend. Group palanca for the whole rollo room is delivered during the weekend. Personal palanca for an individual, except letters/cards for bed palanca, is held and given to the weekenders in a Palanca bag.

The Weekend Arrives…

  • As to not ruin any memorable moments and weekend events sometimes vary, sponsor’s weekend responsibilities will be sent to you from the weekend rector.
  • Please know you or a co-sponsor are expected to be available at various times throughout the weekend. For more information on this schedule, please contact current rector.

Following Up and Following Through…

  • Pray for God’s guidance and the Spirit’s power in your sponsoring experience!
  • Help the new 4th Dayer become an integral part of their church and the 4th Day community.
  • Contact your weekender during the week following the Via de Cristo, in person if possible. They are still sorting out thoughts about the weekend.
  • Encourage the new 4th Dayer to be a part of a renewal group. The sponsor could even shepherd a new group to help get it started.
  • Take the new 4th Dayer to Ultreyas and introduce her/him into the broader Via de Cristo community. Be sensitive to the new 4th Dayers desire for support.

How are teams assembled? 

     Once the rector(a) is chosen, he/she must first pray for guidance and really listen to who God is wanting on their team. This is the most important step. This ensures that the team is built for God and not ourselves. 

     The rector soon meets with the leadership training committee. This committee is led by a council chairperson and is made up of 2-3 additional people. In this meeting, the rector learns the steps of this process, some guidelines to follow, and guidance from the committee. 

     The rector also chats with the spiritual director on council to discuss possible spiritual directors for team. They come up with a list between them. There can be up to five SDs on a weekend – 3 in the rollo room and 2 in the palanca chapel. Most weekends have 2 in the rollo room and one in the palanca chapel.

     The rector is asked to try to find people that have not served in each of the leadership positions before. The rector chooses (with guidance from leadership training committee) their rollo room assistants, support team rectors, SDs, musicians, and treasurer. Each support team rector discusses with the weekend rector possible assistants for their support team, also trying to choose someone who is new to those positions.

     Once all of the leadership team is assembled, there is another meeting with the leadership training committee and leadership team. At this meeting, the team learns important leadership information. This is also where they start building each team. The weekend rector first chooses the rollistas and table leaders and they may feel certain people called to certain teams. They will then share this with the support team rectors, along with a list of people that have expressed interest in serving by signing up either online or in person. It is also stressed how important it is to have new people serve who have never served before. Each team should shoot to have a few of these new people on their team as well. 

     Support team rectors may now start calling people to join their teams. Ideally, there are a total of 50-60 people on team: 15-20 in rollo room, 12-14 in palanca, 12-14 in kitchen and 10-12 in 4th day. Depending on time of year, location, or other factors, some teams fill up more quickly than others. Please know that if you request to serve, team tries hard to fill those requests but it isn’t always possible. Don’t give up, try signing up again for the next weekend.

    Once teams are all assembled, full team meetings begin just a few weeks before the actual meetings. These meetings are meant for team building, learning, and planning. Team members are asked to attend these meetings as much as possible. 

     Every effort is made to follow the guidelines outlined above. Great care has been taken to craft them over the years to successfully create effective teams. These guidelines are placed for a purpose, to build new Christian leaders. Rectors should be shooting for that goal when choosing team. 

How are rectors chosen?

     First, a rector eligibility list is comprised of people that have met the requirements to become a rector. These requirements are the following:

  1. Person must have served three of the four teams in some capacity.
  2. Person must have been a rector or assistant rector on at least one support team (palanca, kitchen, or 4th-day). Also, in order to be in one of these leadership rolls, one should have served on that support team before being a team leader.
  3. Person must have been an assistant in the rollo room and have given a rollo.
  4. Person must have been active by serving on team in the last 3 years.
  5. Person should be active in a renewal group.

     This list is then given to the director, director-elect, and past director that discern who on this list is spiritually ready to lead a team. They reach out for advise on this list to a spiritual director, leadership and training chair, and oftentimes a couple past rectors. Of course, they first pray and seek God’s vision for the task at hand. All of this helps them get a good idea of who is ready for this big position. 

     Once they come to a consensus, the director gets the privilege of asking the potential rector(a) to pray if this is the right time for them. They are given a couple weeks to pray and think about it. If they say no or not at this time, the director moves on to another name on the list. Keep in mind that if a person says no to being rector, they are still eligible to rector future weekends and may be asked again. If they say yes, the process of team building shortly follows. Come back in two weeks to get answers about the process of building a team.

What is NLS and what happened at this year’s (2019) gathering?

     NLS stands for National Lutheran Secretariat. Secretariats from all over the country meet once a year in varying locations. There is a board to help guide and support each individual secretariat throughout the year. They also help facilitate planning for upcoming annual gatherings and direct the board meetings at the annual gatherings. The board would like to stress that they are readily available to anyone and would love to help in any way they can. In order for them to help us, we need to simply reach out to them. There are regional coordinators who can help as well. Our regional coordinator takes care of region 2 which is Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa and Wisconsin. All contact information is found on the NLS website if you ever need to reach out to them.

     NLS gatherings include time for worship, fellowship, speakers, exchange of ideas (EOI) in workshops, and of course food. Each secretariat can have as many participants as would like to attend; all are welcome. There are no qualifications for attendees other than being a Via de Cristo 4th-day member, meaning you have attended a VdC weekend at some point in your life. Each secretariat gets one lay delegate, one SD (spiritual director) delegate plus one delegate for every 1000 members on their roster. The delegate positions only matter when it comes to voting at the business meeting. Attendees who are not delegates are welcome to attend these meetings, they just don’t vote.

     The awesome thing about this gathering is that there is a wide variety of attendees. One 4th-day member in attendance just went through his weekend this spring and one attended in 1986. It’s great to exchange perspectives and ideas with such a variety of people. You leave invigorated and spirit filled, ready to bring information and ideas back to your home secretariat.

     This year’s gathering was held at the University of Indianapolis and it did not disappoint. The Holy Spirit guided us along throughout the weekend. Relationships were made and friends from past gatherings reconnected. Two-hundred and ten 4th-dayers from thirty-two secretariats were in attendance, plus a large number of host team helpers. There were 22 Minnesotans, 9 of which are from Southern Minnesota. There are more details in the Conexiones Newsletter published every day of the event that you can read here: Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. If you would like to get a more personal take-away on the event, we will have one of the attendees reach out to you if you fill out the form below.

     Next year, Minnesota has the privilege of hosting at Hamilne University in St. Paul on July 30 to August 2, 2020. We are already looking for volunteers to help on teams. These teams are different than our weekend teams and don’t necessarily require all-weekend participation. For instance, we need people to help with registration, shuttles to/from airport, prayer, and music, just to name a few. Keep an eye out for information as it develops. If you would like to volunteer in any way, please fill out the form below and your contact information will be sent directly to the coordinators of the event.


For more info in this years’s gathering or to volunteer for next year’s, please reach out to us…

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