We need YOU!

The disciples were able spread the good news of Christ across the entire world, with no social media, email, snail mail, telephone, or telegraph but with only their feet and their mouths. We have all this technology, but are still having trouble getting the word out to our churches about this wonderful organization. The Via de Cristo of Southern MN Council is working on re-energizing the communication between us and the local churches that make up our membership. Maintaining this relationship is key to staying in contact with our community, and to pass along information. This new website is just one way you can stay in contact with us, and the goings-on in the southern district. Check back often for updates!

This is where YOU come in. We are looking for people from each church that are willing to be what we call liaisons. This can be just one person, or a group, depending on how big your church is. It’s an easy job that, we swear, won’t take up a ton of time or energy. It’s a simple way you can help to bring others closer to Christ through apostolic action.

You might be wondering if you should be a liaison for your church. If you’re not sure if your church has a liaison, or who that person would be, let us know and we can see what our records show. If you don’t have one, or would like to help with that role, read on for more information! 

Liaison responsibilities:

  1. Spread the news in your church when and where the weekends and ultreyas are. You can do this by: informing your pastor or church secretary so it can get in the bulletin, make announcements during services, and hang a flyer on the church bulletin board if they have one. (You will be emailed information every time an event is coming up; you don’t even have to keep track. We will also email you a flyer to hang on a bulletin board.)
  2. Be willing to speak with those of your congregation that may have questions about the weekends and our organization. (This can be done along with the bulletin announcement such as, “See John Smith with questions about the event.” Also, there will be room to write your contact information on the flyer you will be emailed.)
  3. If anyone in your congregation needs an application, be available to get one to them or direct them where to get it online.
  4. Keep an active list of the fourth day community that attend your church, with current contact information. Inform the southern district council of any changes; especially if they want to be involved in any way. Remind them to invite others as weekenders. Encourage them to come to ultreyas, work a weekend, or come fill the room at a clausura to show weekenders how much they are loved.

Hopefully you are willing to step up and help in this way. There may already be a liaison from your church. That’s great… join them! You might already be one. That’s great, too! We just ask you to send your updated contact information and confirmation that you would still like to be involved in this way. If you are willing to take on this important job, need to update information, or have any questions, please fill out the contact form below. We’d love to chat with you!


Via de Cristo of Southern MN Council

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