Logo Design Contest

One major aspect of forming our new entity is creating a logo to represent us.  Everyone is welcome to join this process with an Ignite logo design contest. Ignite would like the logo to come from our VdC community. Entries will be accepted from now until August 28th. Shortly after, emails (and a few snail mail) will be sent to ignite members with the entries to vote for which one they want representing the new Ignite brand. All entries will be anonymously posted on the ballot and the website. This way, no one will know who designed them until the winning design is announced at the September ultreya in Rochester. The winner will be posted here on the website as well following the ultreya.

Digital artwork submission guidelines:

  • Logo should be a minimum of 300 dpi with minimum dimensions of 12″ x 12″ OR vector files (AI or EPS), with vector files preferred. (This allows the best quality when resizing.) Any artwork that is not provided in vector format may be redrawn if needed.
  • Any fonts used should be outlined or converted to curves. Please include the name of the font as well with your submission.
  • Keep in mind that the logo should also look good when printed in grayscale or black and white. It will likely be used in multiple sizes, both large and small formats. You may choose to provide a color version and a grayscale/black and white version of your submission to demonstrate your vision.
  • Original designs only – designs that are plagiarized will be automatically disqualified. Each submission will be researched before being counted as an entry.
  • If you don’t know how to do all of the above, please submit what you can. If your design wins, we will sit with you to redraw the design in the parameters we need.

Logo contest rules & suggestions:

  • Entries must be sent to ignitevdcnews@gmail.com on or before August 28, 2019.

  • Logo entries can be submitted by anyone, however voting will only be done by members of Ignite.

  • KISS (Keep It Simple Silly) Look around at other logos. The most memorable are simple; recognition is the goal.

  • If you feel more comfortable drawing a logo, it can be scanned and sent to above email address or given/mailed to any kindling committee member. If your design wins, we will sit with you to redraw design in parameters we need.

  • Any submissions become the intellectual property of Ignite VdC. By submitting an entry, you grant permission to use, alter, and reproduce the artwork as required by Ignite VdC. Any rights to submissions that are not selected as part of the contest may be returned to the original artist upon written request.

  • No monetary incentive or royalties will be provided for participating, or being chosen as the winning selection, for any submissions.

Ultreya – August 18th

Don’t forget, there will be an ultreya/informational meeting on Sunday, August 18, 2019 from 2-4 pm at Christ the King Lutheran Church, 1515 N Garden St., New Ulm, MN 56073. This is an informational meeting open to all 4th-day community. We are hoping to answer any questions you may have about Ignite. Join us for dessert (rumor has it – root beer floats). We are also having a bake/craft sale and are asking for donated sweet or salty treats and/or crafts for the sale.


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