Logo Design Contest Entries

We have 4 entries for the logo design contest and now it’s time to vote on your favorite one!

Emails (and a handful of snail-mail) were sent out to all Ignite members. If you have signed up to be a member but do not see your email to vote, please double check your spam/junk folder. If you still do not see it, please email ignitevdcnews@gmail.com for help.

If you have not signed up to be an Ignite member, you still have time to change your membership and vote. Simply follow this link and switch your membership. Once you have, you will receive an email so you can vote as well.

Voting will end on September 22nd and the winner will be announced at the September 28th Ultreya in Rochester. It will also be posted here on the website shortly after.

Here are the final entries in order in which they were received:

Flames – with a couple color variations…


Colored Text


Cross and Heart – with a couple color variations…

Logo Design 1-FontErr copy

Colored Cross

logo 2a copy

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