How do I sponsor?

Now that the Willmar weekend is officially the first Ignite weekend, we need some sponsors. You may be asking yourselves, “What exactly do I need to do if I want to sponsor someone?”

The Sponsor’s purpose is to help develop and encourage spiritual growth for a person attending a weekend and to support this person in the ongoing dedication of their life in grace. The sponsor is an example of a life in Christ.

The sponsorship fee is $50. However, please don’t let the amount deter you from sponsoring. If you can find the right person/people to sponsor, but don’t have the funds, we will reach out to the 4th Day community for help in sponsoring with the monetary part. For help with this, questions on sponsoring and other sponsor obligations, simply email the current director for help.

Before you become a sponsor you should…

  • Ask the Lord for guidance and help to enable you to carry out your responsibilities as a sponsor.
  • Have a home church
  • Be a part of a renewal group.
  • Be prepared to stay in close contact with the new 4th Dayer for up to one year. Be sensitive to the length of time a 4th Dayer wants your support.

You have a friend who would like to attend…

  • Help the applicant fill out an application on-line or print out and submit properly.
  • Take time to get better acquainted with the person you are sponsoring prior to the weekend (especially if you are not well acquainted with that person).
  • If you know there will be responsibilities or support you are not able to fulfill for the applicant, find a co-sponsor to help you with this. Be sure the co-sponsor also gets acquainted with him/her.

What to tell the person you are sponsoring…

  • If they are anxious, tell them what to expect. Feel free to explain everything. We are not about secrets. Of course, there are parts of the weekend that are best experienced if all the details aren’t known, so be honest and open without stealing any joy from particular events.
  • Explain complete attendance is expected for the weekend (no leaving and returning).
  • Explain start and end times of the weekend. This is 7:30 pm on Thursday – usually
    Sponsors choose to take the person they’re sponsoring out for supper prior to start time  – until about 5 pm Sunday evening.
  • Explain renewal groups and other gatherings after the weekend. Be willing to help them find one to participate in after the weekend.

The wait… Remember it’s in God’s time!

  • Help meet needs that may arise for home, job, childcare.
  • You and the person you sponsor will each receive a letter of acceptance from the weekend rector.
  • Check in with the person you are sponsoring a day or two before the weekend to answer any last minute questions and to give encouragement.
  • Remember Palanca – Palanca means sacrificial giving or prayer. Helping set up or clean up for the weekend is appreciated by all. Other material palanca may be delivered to the 4th Day room any time during the weekend. Group palanca for the whole rollo room is delivered during the weekend. Personal palanca for an individual, except letters/cards for bed palanca, is held and given to the weekenders in a Palanca bag.

The Weekend Arrives…

  • As to not ruin any memorable moments and weekend events sometimes vary, sponsor’s weekend responsibilities will be sent to you from the weekend rector.
  • Please know you or a co-sponsor are expected to be available at various times throughout the weekend. For more information on this schedule, please contact the current director.

Following Up and Following Through…

  • Pray for God’s guidance and the Spirit’s power in your sponsoring experience!
  • Help the new 4th Dayer become an integral part of their church and the 4th Day community.
  • Contact your weekender during the week following the Via de Cristo, in person if possible. They are still sorting out thoughts about the weekend.
  • Encourage the new 4th Dayer to be a part of a renewal group. The sponsor could even shepherd a new group to help get it started.
  • Take the new 4th Dayer to Ultreyas and introduce her/him into the broader Via de Cristo community. Be sensitive to the new 4th Dayers desire for support.

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