Thirsty Thursday – Are there going to be big changes with Ignite?

     Absolutely not. The Kindling Committee wants to reiterate that Ignite weekends will be the same as you’ve all come to know and love. Weekends will have the same rollos, special events, and schedule as in the past. It is also still the same Lutheran-based theology.

     There are things such as manuals, verbiage, and council duties that the state has been discussing updating and simplifying for years. The committee thought this would be an opportune time to do some of these updates. Again, these updates do not change what our community has been doing. The committee is just updating complex manuals, simplifying some verbiage, and restructuring the council to run more more efficiently. The committee is committed to keeping things in accordance with the Lutheran Via de Cristo ways and most community members will not notice any differences.

     The Kindling Committee is working on council structure with Chair positions and job duties. When this structure is finalized, it will be posted in detail on the site. We will then be looking for nominations for Chair positions and the community will hold a vote in February to fill these spots. Each Chair will have a committee to help them. These committee members will be appointed and are not required to come to meetings, but as are all 4th day community, they are still welcome. The Ignite community would love to see new faces on this new council… we would love to see YOU!

     As a new secretariat, we also must have our own By-laws. The committee has been working on these By-laws and they are not all that different from what everyone is used to. Once the committee gets these ironed out, they will also be posted for Ignite member review. There will be ample time for suggestions and discussion from the community before the Ignite community all votes on them in February.

     The Kindling Committee meets at least once a month and all are welcome to these meetings at any time. If you have questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us. We would love to hear from you! We want to make sure that every concern is heard and any misunderstandings ironed out. Meetings are always posted on the calendar on the event page and are open to all 4th day community.

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  1. Thank you, members of the Kindling Committee and all leaders who are working so hard during this time of transition. Your dedication and commitment is deeply appreciated. GLYSDI Trish R.


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