Thirsty Thursday – 2 New Features on the Website!

The Donate Page has been updated. You can now pay your JoG and sponsor fee online. You can also make a one-time donation or become a monthly donor

Also, you may have noticed there is a new Documents Page in the menu of the website. This page will be utilized for documents that members will need from time to time. This includes, but not limited to: meeting minutes, manuals and legal documents such as Articles of Incorporation and By-laws and weekend food palanca sign-up lists.

This page is password protected so we can relay weekend information to the community without spoiling any blessings to potential guests. The password is the third leg of the stool (hint: piety, study and …). Any 4th day community member should easily remember this password and is welcome to view this page full of documents.

Some documents are still being put together but as soon as they are ready, they will be added to that page. For instance, the By-laws of our organization will soon be finalized and will be posted there for all to view. These By-laws will then be voted on by Ignite members in February when we also vote in council members.

Eventually,  all of the team manuals and individual job manuals will be available there as well. These can be downloaded to save printing cost and members can print them at home or simply pull them up on any device. Don’t worry – if you do not have or want these capabilities, paper copies can still be provided to you.

Shortly before each weekend, you may also see weekend food palanca lists here. These lists will give you a chance to fill your name into a spot to purchase food palanca even if you are not serving on team. You can send these items with a friend that is serving or simply bring it to the event on Thursday.

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