Thirsty Thursday – Save the Date / Calling All Writers

I pray each and every one of you had a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year!

Annual Meeting

Here’s your friendly reminder to save the date of February 1, 2020. Ignite will be having our first annual meeting that afternoon. All 4th day community is invited to attend the meeting where we will be discussing Ignite bylaws, voting on board members, and other general business-type aspects. Only Ignite members will have a vote but there will be an opportunity to switch your membership if you would like at the meeting. We will be meeting in the Mankato area. The site and exact time is still being determined.  If you are unable attend and are a member, there will be a chance for you to vote for board members via absentee ballot. More info will be sent out on the 15th. Please contact a Kindling Committee member of you have questions.

Calling All Writers (And Even Those That Won’t Admit It)

Every Monday I’ve been sharing a devotional. I started by sharing a devotional that the National VdC Spiritual Director sends out once a week. Recently, I’ve shared from other devotionals as well just to get some variety.

For some time, something – or more likely, someone – has been nudging me to reach out to the community and ask you all to help with this weekly sharing of faith. I would love to see some devotions written by our community, and I think the community would love to see that as well. It’s always more moving to see how the Lord works in those we know and love than it is to read it from a stranger.

I started by writing a couple devotionals that I’ve already shared with you to make you more comfortable sharing your own. It’s actually just as much of an eye opener to write them as it is to read them from others. Give it a shot!

What I’m asking for:

  • This devotional should be written by YOU.
  • You can write something right now, but don’t have to – there’s NO end date to this! Please share your writings at any time!
  • It needs to be based off biblical teachings with at least one verse to go along with it.
  • Tell about how God is/has worked in your life. Or share a story from the bible that touches you and how.
  • You can submit just one devotional or as many as you wish.
  • Please, no political views or controversial issues. They will not be shared – sorry.
  • Depending on how many entries are sent in, I will share them as I can.
  • All entries will be reviewed by a Spiritual Director for biblical content.

Please email the communications team your submission or if you have questions.

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