June Newsletter

by Jennifer Radke Coudron
Southern District Council Director

Blessings everyone!

I hope your Spring is off to a good start.  Just want to update you on the new director elect for the southern subcommittee.  We can all welcome Melissa Wagner from Lake Crystal to join our team.  In talking with her recently she is excited to jump on board and help build this organization even stronger. Thanks Melissa for your willingness to do all you can do!

Marian Mallory is now at the end of her three-year term as director, but she won’t be a face we will miss as she has decided to help Jill Norell and Jess Lanes on the new member orientation group. She is definitely dedicated to this Via de Cristo group. Thanks, Marian!

Roger VanVeldhuizen moved into past director so he will help to keep me on track for this year.  And he has already been doing an amazing job with all the questions I have thrown at him. Please keep it up Roger!

As for myself, I will do my best to keep the communication open to everyone and help anyway I can as your current director.  If you have any questions or concerns please let me know!  I’m just an email, text or phone call away.

As for a couple other updates on the committees, Vikki VanVeldhuizen has happily taken the position of ultreya chair. So if you have any ideas for future get together please let her know. I can say this, she does have some great ideas of her own up her sleeve. We will keep everyone posted on what’s up and what’s next!  Randy Peterson has stepped up to help Leon Peterson with the trailer.  Thanks Randy for your willingness to put on some miles for us! We absolutely appreciate all you will get to do.  Another newer face has stepped up to take over palanca chair is Deb Willert! Welcome, welcome!! This is exactly what the southern subcommittee needs; strong individuals to have an open heart to step up and do their best!  I thank each of you for saying YES!

Here’s to a great start in Spring and throughout the whole year, with the help of everyone.  I truly appreciate each of you VDC family members!


Below is a tentative schedule for upcoming Ultreyas. More information will be shared closer to each event. If you have an Ultreya to add to the schedule, please email the information to 4thdayfire@mnviadecristo.org  to be added to the schedule.

July 15th – Potluck and Camping Ultreya at Daly Park (outside of Mapleton, hosted by Marian Mallory). See invitation image below.

August 6th– Mankato Moondogs Game (hosted by Jess Lanes). Come join us for a ballgame! Watch the Mankato Moondogs vs. the La Crosse Loggers! Ticket prices are normally $7-9. More information will be sent in July.

Please feel free to invite friends and/or family who have not attended a Via de Cristo weekend. The more, the merrier!


Reflection on Rollo #1 – Ideals, by Leon Peterson
Ideals is the first Rollo of the Via de Cristo weekend and answers the question: How do Ideals relate to everyday life?

What is an Ideal? An Ideal is the center of our goals, it is the axis of our lives. It is the combination of Ideals, aspirations and preferences which attract us and move us toward the attainment of our goals. It is something of importance that you discover along the road of life. Ideals reside in all of us from the earliest stage of reason and can change along the way.  What are the elements of an ideal?  Vision, the combination of ideals, hope, preference of life and motivation, the force that moves us to address that vision. The Christian ideal is living a life of grace in Jesus Christ.  Everyone has an ideal, there is no such thing as human life without an ideal.  Ideals help you live out your life in a way that is best for you.

One of my ideals has been that I wanted to restore an old pickup like the one I had back in the 60’s.  Well I found one in Brookville, Kansas, I went and looked at it and trailered it home to Brookville Township, MN. where I live. It must have been meant to be. After many hours of work, planning, doing things over if a mistake was made, now some 23 years later I finally got it running and painted and drove it for the first time last summer.  It looks almost like the one that I had. It gave me purpose and direction to my life, and it helped me conquer and overcome difficulties.  My ideal of fixing up an old pickup was finally reached.

There are as many types of ideals as there are people. There are real and apparent ideals. Our apparent ideal is what we tell ourselves it is, and our real ideal is that which in fact motivates us.

There is a necessity in knowing your ideal but how can I discover that?  There is a very simple method to discover your ideal.  Just think about these three simple questions:

On what do I spend my spare time?
On what do I spend my spare money?
About what do I think most?

Your ideal lies in the answer to these questions, and helps you recognize it.

A great way to begin is to look at how you would like it to end, like me and my pickup, I wanted it to look like the one that I had back in the 60’s and I have worked to achieve that Ideal.

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