Thirsty Thursday – How are rectors chosen?

     In an effort to improve communication in our VdC family, we’ve decided to do what we’re calling “Thirsty Thursday”. We all thirst for deeper knowledge and if you’re thirsty for knowledge about VdC and your Council, this is the place.  We are going to attempt to quench that thirst with posts here at least every other Thursday on a number of subjects such as: history of VdC, the NLS – National Lutheran Secretariat, council positions and details, our future plans, and much more!

     We would love to hear questions you need answered. Please submit below your questions or comments. You can add your name, but you can always keep it anonymous if you wish.


How are rectors chosen?

     First, a rector eligibility list is comprised of people that have met the requirements to become a rector. These requirements are the following:

  1. Person must have served three of the four teams in some capacity.
  2. Person must have been a rector or assistant rector on at least one support team (palanca, kitchen, or 4th-day). Also, in order to be in one of these leadership rolls, one should have served on that support team before being a team leader.
  3. Person must have been an assistant in the rollo room and have given a rollo.
  4. Person must have been active by serving on team in the last 3 years.
  5. Person should be active in a renewal group.

     This list is then given to the director, director-elect, and past director that discern who on this list is spiritually ready to lead a team. They reach out for advise on this list to a spiritual director, leadership and training chair, and oftentimes a couple past rectors. Of course, they first pray and seek God’s vision for the task at hand. All of this helps them get a good idea of who is ready for this big position. 

     Once they come to a consensus, the director gets the privilege of asking the potential rector(a) to pray if this is the right time for them. They are given a couple weeks to pray and think about it. If they say no or not at this time, the director moves on to another name on the list. Keep in mind that if a person says no to being rector, they are still eligible to rector future weekends and may be asked again. If they say yes, the process of team building shortly follows. Come back in two weeks to get answers about the process of building a team.

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