Thirsty Thursday – Looking for Council Members by Dec. 30

Remember there’s an Ultreya THIS Saturday, Dec. 7, at Bethel Lutheran Church – 1321 North Ave – Northfield at 3pm. Hope to see all you beautiful faces there!

Here’s your friendly reminder to consider joining the council. This can take many forms anywhere from director (head of the board), chair positions (head of a committee), or committee member (helper). All nominations for Chair positions need to be in by the end of December so the ballots can be formulated.

Please contact a kindling committee member or fill in the form below if you would like more information or would like to volunteer for one of these positions. (More information on positions below form.) If you feel someone would be good in one of these spots, please reach out to them, pass along this information, and encourage them to consider it.

There are 10 spots we need filled on the ballot this year. Five of these spots will be a one year term and will be on the ballot again in 2021. The other five will be on the ballot in 2022. After that, they will always be two year terms. You can run for a second term as a chair, but then are asked to take a break from chair positions for at least a year. The only position that is different is when you are voted in as Director Elect, you hold that position for two years, then move to Director for two years.

There are monthly full council meetings you are asked to be a part of if you hold a chair position. Usually, there are about 10 meetings a year, about half of which are video calls. You may need to meet with your committee throughout the year as well, depending on your committee and duties needed.

Positions on the ballot:
  • Director
  • Director Elect
  • Secretary
  • Spiritual Director
  • Finance Chair
  • Leadership and Development Chair
  • Communications Chair
  • Operations Chair
  • Outreach Chair
  • Site Selection Chair
Rules for all chair positions:
  • All chairs are voted in by greater community – with the exception of the Director who will advance from the last Director Elect position
  • Terms will be two years
  • Chair can serve up to two consecutive terms, for a total of 4 years
    • For their second term, chairs must be voted in again. There should be others on the ballot for that position as well.
  • Only chairs get votes at meetings. 
    • If they are unable to make a meeting, a proxy can be in their stead. 
    • This proxy must be on that chair’s committee.
  • It’s advised that chairs should have some experience on the committee they intend to chair or some background in that position before running for that chair position
  • Chairs must check in with each of their committee members before each meeting to ensure they have all pertinent info to bring for report for council
  • Chairs must inform all their committee members of pertinent info shared at meetings
  • Chairs must take at least a year off after second consecutive term as any chair before returning to any chair position
    • They may be appointed to a committee member position if desired
Rules for all committee members:
  • Committee members help the Chair
  • All Committee Members are appointed by council
  • Committee Members are welcome, but not required to attend council meetings
  • Committee Members must report to chair before every council meeting 
  • Committee Members do not get a vote at council meetings unless they are the designated proxy for the chair
Executive committee:
  • Made up of:
    • Director
    • Director Elect
    • Secretary
    • Finance chair
    • One SD
    • Communications chair
  • Responsibilities:
    • Yearly review of by-laws
    • Review appointed positions yearly
    • Take action to resolve problems that arise between Council meetings. 
    • Report all Executive Committee decisions to the Council. 
    • Prepare written minutes of the Executive Committee meetings. 
    • Review annually all the appointed Council positions and members and make recommendations for any necessary changes.. 
    • Identify individuals to fill open positions and present to the Council for approval. 
Rector Selection Committee:
  • made up of:
    • Director
    • Director elect
    • Leadership and Development Chair
    • One SD
  • Responsibilities:
    • Prayerfully choose rectors based off of these rules:
      • Person must have a home church
      • Person must have served at least 3 out of the 4 teams
      • Person must have been rector or asst rector on a support team.  It’s preferred that he/she has served in a leadership role on multiple teams. 
      • Person must have been an asst in the rollo room
      • Person must have been active within the past 3 years
    • Select  a rector a minimum of 6 months before each weekend – start discerning list and asking 8 months ahead of each weekend
    • Ask potential rector to pray about position 
      • Timely responses from potential rector must be adhered to, so committee can move on to another candidate if they say no

The Lay Director shall Glorify God while presiding at all meetings of Council, sign all official documents, call special meetings of the Council and perform such other duties as usually pertain to the office of Lay Director. Director shall have such other powers and perform such other duties as may be delegated to him/her by the Council. Director shall only have a council vote in case of a tie.  Lay Director shall chair the Rector Selection Committee and executive committee. Other responsibilities are as follows:

  • Create and submit agenda prior to scheduled meetings.
  • Oversee and verifies the yearly tax report.
Director Elect:

The Lay Director Elect shall glorify God by performing the duties of the Director in his absence or disability and shall perform such other duties as the Council shall direct. Other responsibilities are as follows:

  • Act as an aide to the director.
  • Assumes the responsibilities and performs the duties of the director in the director’s absence or inability to serve.
  • Perform such other duties as may be assigned by the organization
  • In charge of code of conduct education at training, compliance, and record keeping of any offenders/issues

The secretary is to glorify God by attending and being responsible for accurate minutes of meetings of the Council, serve all notices provided for in these By-laws or directed to be served by the Director or the Council and perform other duties as usually pertain to the office of Secretary. Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Record the minutes of all meetings of IGNITE.
    • Distribute meeting minutes to council within 7 days after meeting to review for approval at the next meeting.
    • Distribute approved minutes to website manager to post on the website no more than 7 days after council approval.
  • Manage the Google Drive account with all the docs/files including but not limited to by-laws, articles of incorporation, manuals, minutes, agendas, government documents, etc.
  • Be responsible for Logo rights/disbursement
  • Review and update Ignite Via de Cristo documents as needed. 
  • Review and create documents as directed by the Council or as needs arise. 
Spiritual Directors:

The Spiritual Directors are to glorify God through spiritual leadership. Up to two Spiritual Directors are elected to the Council and at least one shall be Lutheran ordained clergy and an active Via de Cristo participant. Both have voting rights at meetings. The Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Assist rectors in finding SDs for weekends and assist weekend SDs with Via de Cristo guidelines.
  • Assist new SD’s in understanding their role on the team, as well as the commitment involved.
  • Assist in finding SDs for ultreyas if needed for eucharist.
  • Reach out to local pastors that haven’t attended and inform them about IGNITE, our mission and the joy of VdC. Develop an outreach program to invite new pastors and seminarians to participate in Ignite Via de Cristo®.
  • Be the spiritual support for the council.
Finance Chair:

The Finance Director is to glorify God by heading the Finance Committee and overseeing the duties of the Treasurer. He/she shall also prepare Annual Reports, prepare an Annual Budget and send financial gifts as needed. Responsibilities are as follows:

  • Responsible for the collection, maintenance, verification, and documentation of all financial records for the organization .
  • Support the non-profit status of the organization . 
  • Financial planning by clarifying goals and needs – long term, short term, and special appeals and requests. 
  • Analyze previous expenses for use in preparing future budgets.
  • Set standard range of costs. 
  • Develop financial documentation for appeals and JOG (Joy of Giving) talks. 
  • Maintain current bank signature card and authorization. 
  • Develop financial reporting forms as necessary. Report to council quarterly profit/loss reports. Present a financial statement at every meeting of the organization and at other times when requested by the executive committee
  • Set up authorization procedure for major expenses, identify and document written procedure of the Treasurer. 
  • Oversees all finance members which have checks and balances between them
  • Report to council all tax filing updates (find dates and put in) – these must be approved by the director and compliance team member before filing (see below)
  • Complete yearly govt filings after annual meeting
  • Make a full report at the annual meeting – the meeting at which new officers officially assume their duties
  • Have the accounts examined annually or upon change of officers by an auditor or an auditing committee of not fewer than three members (one of whom is the Finance Chair), who, satisfied that the treasurer’s annual report is correct, shall sign a statement of that fact at the end of the report
  • Positions they manage:
    • Weekend Finances
      • Person to connect with rector and weekend treasurer and be their helper/guide/mentor 
      • Make sure each weekend is financially resolved
    • Compliance
      • Make sure the association is in 501(c)3 compliance 
      • Helps treasurer complete yearly govt filings
    • Fundraising
      • Oversee fundraising events/committee
      • Finds different groups to help with fundraising events
    • Treasurer 
      • Record and have custody of all the funds and securities of IGNITE in which may come into his/her hands and are deposited in such a bank or depository as the Council may Designate.
      • Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures.
      • Make disbursements as authorized by the director, executive board, or IGNITE in accordance with the budget adopted by Ignite
      • Provides a written financial report at Council meetings. 
      • Support the non-profit status and tax reporting requirements of the Organization  by preparing and filing the appropriate documents which includes the Form 990. The 990 Form shall be submitted to the board of directors prior to the filing of the Form 990. While neither the approval of the Form 990 or a review of the 990 is required under Federal law, the corporation’s Form 990 shall be submitted to each member of the board of director’s via (hard copy or email) at least 10 days before the Form 990 is filed with the IRS.
      • Maintain an annual reconciliation process. 
      • Prepare and maintain all financial records. 
      • Be responsible for the maintenance of books of account and records
      • Submit the books annually for an audit by an auditing committee selected by the executive board (including at least the director and financial chair) within two week(s) of the tax year end
      • All other such duties as usually pertain to his office or may be assigned to him/her by the Council. 
Leadership and Development Chair:

The Leadership Training and Development Chair is to glorify God by seeking, training, developing and evaluating leadership. The responsibilities of the Leadership Training and Development Director are as follows:

  • Maintain manuals 
    • Review at least every three years and update when needed. 
    • Keep communications chair updated with newest versions for the website.
  • Using materials supplied by the Council, provide informational session to prepare rector prior to the first all-team meetings. These meetings will provide a broad overview of the Via de Cristo® program (pre-weekend, the weekend and post- weekend). The forum shall provide an opportunity for questions and discussions. 
  • Lead trainings for the rector, leadership and full team. 
  • Assist rector with regulations and offer support, encouragement and guidance throughout the entire process.
  • Notify the Communications Chair well in advance of all training dates so the information can get out to the community.
  • Meet, according to schedule, with Rectors to instruct, give manuals, community roster, team application lists, etc.
  • Develop future leadership by reviewing weekend evaluation forms for any recommended names with leadership qualities and to provide a roster of leader possibilities from computer printout.
  • Identify and pass possible names on to those choosing team members – Rectors, Assistant Rectors, Support Team Rectors, etc. 
Communications Chair:  

The Communications Chair is to glorify God through the coordination of communications to the 4th Day Community. The responsibilities of the Communications Chair are to oversee the preparation of the annual report and to oversee the following appointed positions: 

  • Gather and edit newsworthy items for publication and acknowledging copyright of items taken from other sources. 
  • Make sure all information is getting out through all sources – facebook, website, newsletter (snail-mail), ballots (any other outlet we may add)
    • Weekend, ultreya, meeting info
    • Meeting minutes
    • Weekly devotions or other weekly or monthly write-ups
  • Ensure all Communication Committee Members strictly follow Council guidelines in creating all web content. 
  • Ensure those without the means to electronic communications are kept up to date (mail, phone)
  • Positions they manage:
    • Social Media: (could all be one person or team of 2)
      • All social media outlets must have 2 administrators – all passwords must be shared with the director
      • Facebook
        • Post event info
      • Website
        • Ensures fees are paid in a timely manner
        • Implement a web strategy as proposed by the Council. 
        • Post event info
        • Post meeting minutes within 3 days of receiving them from secretary
        • Post other info/fun things to keep community engaged
        • Establishes our site as secure
      • newsletter 
      • Manage google calendar
      • Texts???
    • Data Processor – (could all be one person) 
      • Database/roster – maintain an up-to-date membership list
      • Allocations 
        • Collect applications and distribute to rector and council.
        • Follow the guidelines for the acceptance of weekenders as set forth by the Council.
      • Historian – keep records of past weekends (locations, rosters, team and rollo room photos, and name tags?)
      • Keeps rector eligibility list up to date and distributes to rector selection committee when updated
Operations Chair:

The Operations Director is to glorify God by coordinating the materials necessary for a meaningful Via de Cristo® weekend. The responsibilities of the Operations Director are as follows: 

  • Oversee committee and report to council of any supply needs
  • Positions they manage:
    • Trailer/Supplies
      • Stores or finds storage for trailer and supplies
      • Finds trailer transportation to and from weekekends
      • Reports to chair any supply needs
      • Inform weekend teams on supply use, purchase and replacement. 
    • Music
      • In charge of CCLI and/or other music licensing and regulations
      • Provide assistance to fill musician needs on teams, weekend serenades, Clausuras, and Ultreyas. 
      • Train weekend/ultreya musicians in CCLI rules, Stay up-to-date with current music copyright laws and providing each weekend team with the specific actions that will keep our worship and rollo music in compliance. 
      • Provide training, workshops and guidance for musicians.
      • Contact and recruit new musicians. 
      • Maintain a current database of musicians from the membership. 
      • Guide musicians in selecting and learning Via de Cristo® standards to teach on weekends. 
    • Technology
      • In charge of storage and maintenance of all electronics Ie 
      • Assist in finding and training both the printer and IT person for each weekend
Outreach Chair:

The purpose of the Outreach Committee is to glorify God by coordinating outreach activities to potential Via de Cristo Churches and other like ministries.

  • Responsibilities include:
    • Oversees committee and reports back to council
  • Positions they manage: (some can double up if needed)
    • Renewal Group
      • Help form and fire up Renewal Groups.
      • Help new 4th Dayers find existing Renewal Groups to join.
      • Help Renewal Groups find bible studies and community service to do.
    • Palanca 
      • Mail the Ignite Via de Cristo® weekend schedule to Via de Cristo® and related communities throughout the United States and overseas, such as Episcopal, Catholic, Unidos en Cristo, Charis, Walk to Emmaus, TEC, etc. 
      • Send palanca on behalf of Ignite Via de Cristo to other Via de Cristo® and related weekends in a timely manner so as to reach them prior to the start of sponsored weekends. 
      • Provide guidance throughout the 4th day community regarding prayer vigils and palanca for upcoming weekends. 
      • Distribute wall palanca letters received from other communities to hang at every weekend.
    • Ultreya 
      • Extend the experience beyond the Via de Cristo weekend. 
      • Work with 4th day community and set up  at least 4 ultreyas each year throughout our borders.
      • Facilitate at least one ultreya as a community service project ultreya a year.
      • Involve  as many from the 4th Day Community as possible.
    • Church outreach
      • Reach out to local churches to inform them about IGNITE, our mission, and share the joy of VdC. Visit pastors and explain the mission and ministry of Via de Cristo. Ask and schedule an opportunity to present a temple talk at churches. Present temple talks at area churches or arrange for a 4th Day Community member to do so. Provide Via de Cristo brochures, applications and Sponsor Guidelines to each potential Pastor and/or church secretary.
      • Open and maintain dialog with other like ministries in the state. 
      • Work with members to have a booth at the different church wide events such as Synod meetings.
Site Selection Chair:

The purpose of the Site Selection Committee is to glorify God in the process of securing locations for Ignite Via de Cristo weekends. The Site Selection Chair is appointed by the Council. The responsibilities of the Site selection Chair are as follows:

  • Work with the Council in formulating weekend dates and site schedule. Chair will relay plans to the Director prior to finalizing.
  • Coordinates the team securing locations for weekends a minimum of 12 months before each weekend. Confirm all arrangements with each site in writing prior to publication of the approved schedule.
  • Works with Rectors & 4th Day Rectors to help establish a liaison with the church for signed weekends.
  • Review the church contracts at least every three years and update as needed.
  • Ensures a copy of the signed contracts are uploaded on the Weekend Contracts folder of the IGNITE Google Drive, distributed to rector, 4th day rector, and keep a copy of the signed contracts (paper or on another location can be debated upon).
  • Follows up with host church after the weekend to see how everything went and allow them to share suggestions and concerns
  • Positions they manage:
    • 2-4 Site selection committee members – optimally spread throughout the geographical area of our community



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