2020 Ignite Annual Meeting

Ignite’s first annual meeting will be held February 1st at Messiah Lutheran Church 1706 Lee Blvd., North Mankato, 56003. Eucharist service will be at 11am with a potluck to follow. The business meeting and voting will start at 1pm. Come join us when you can.

The meeting is open to all 4th day community (Ignite members will vote). If you are not a member but would like to be, you can switch your membership at any time through this link or there will be a chance for you to switch at the meeting if you wish to at that time. If you are still a member of Lutheran VdC of MN, you are welcome to come see what Ignite has in store. We want everyone to know what is happening in the organization and welcome everyone to be involved. Please help spread the word to all 4th day members that they are invited to this meeting.

Members, if you are unable to attend the meeting and would like to have an absentee ballot, please contact Hollie Jennings at 507-251-7002 or 2babyc@gmail.com or LoRi Morrissey at 701-371-0720 or ignitevdc1@gmail.com and they will help you through that process. Absentee ballots can be done digitally or via postal mail, whichever you prefer and will only be sent out to those that request them. The return deadline for both options is January 31, 2020 at 11:55pm so don’t wait too long to request them if that’s what you plan on doing. Absentee ballots will only include voting for Board positions and not any By-law discussion or voting that may be done at the meeting.

All Board positions will be voted on this year. Half of the positions will have a one year term and will be up for reelection next year. The other half of the board will have a two year term. All terms after this initial year will be two year terms. All positions are eligible to run for a second term, but then are asked to not run for a voting position for at least one year unless they are running for Director Elect. They are, however, welcome to join a committee for that time. Committees will be forming soon after elections are done. If you’d like to help on a committee in any way, please contact any of the new Board members once they are in place.

For descriptions and responsibilities of positions and for other important rules the Board must follow, please refer to the Proposed Ignite By-laws. These By-laws have been discussed at length, with great care by the Kindling Committee and will also be voted on by the Membership at the February 1st meeting. These By-laws are not final or official until the Membership votes to approve them. Please review them and, if you wish, print them out at home for your review at the meeting. If you would like discussion on a section of the By-laws at the meeting, please contact a committee member so it can be put on the agenda at the meeting. If you have questions, do not hesitate to reach out to any Kindling Committee member.

Ignite Kindling Committee,

Jennifer Coudron, Cindy Goebel, Hollie Jennings, Marian Mallory, LoRi Morrissey, Matt Morrissey, Jill Norell, Daryl Paulsen, Kathy Paulsen, Leon Peterson, Mary Peterson, Susan Strong, Rev. Kelly Heidi, Melissa Wagner, Deb Willert, Roger Van Veldhuizen, Vikki Van Veldhuizen

The following are the Board positions up for elections and who is running for each position. Please take a look, ask God for guidance and vote according to His will. Some positions have one nominee, some two or three. Each position will also have a write-in spot available.


Jill Norell:

66446747_10157722905460809_4136387036028338176_oI am forever indebted to God and this ministry for some incredible steps in my faith journey. Seeing how God does the same for others, has given me a deep passion for what Via de Cristo is and will continue to be… a source where God meets us where we are and guides us to become all that He created us to be.

I attended my first weekend (#70) as a very meek, quiet, private person. Through many challenges and transformations, I stand with you at this crossroads of new beginnings. Following very familiar steps, yet very new and very anointed steps forward. I didn’t select this role for myself, but in response to God’s clear direction. This ministry is His plan, and so I follow His leading and am listening for His plan … to become ours. With open arms, and intent to listen, I embrace where God is leading us.

I have served on all the teams several times and was Rectora in 2001. Then again, for our first Co-Ed weekend. I have served on the State Council, our Southern MN Committee, our Ignite Kindling Committee and now commit to moving forward with Ignite, if it be God’s will. I count it all joy! Each person that has touched my life.

Equally important in my life is my family. Wife of Byron, parent of 4 adult children, 3 spouses and “Ama” to two more. I count that all joy, too. I am a member of Scandian Grove Lutheran Church in Norseland and am attending Bible Study Fellowship for spiritual growth. I am so thankful for all their support in my commitment to pursue God’s path and His calling.

Director Elect

Jim Frederick:

292793_118196031666681_1716882449_nMy weekend number was 600. I have volunteered for 11 weekends since going through in 2013. I have been asst rector in rollo room, asst and rector for the kitchen team, and rector for palanca team. I also have been president of Trinity Lutheran and I am currently on my fourth term on the board of elders. I also volunteer my time to do repairs that are needed and even do some cooking for the many different events in my church. My hope is to share the love of Christ the same way it was shown to me thru these weekends. It has been such a blessing in my life.

LoRi Morrissey:

Profile PictureMy Via de Cristo weekend was #575 in 2012, and I worship at People of Hope Lutheran Church in Rochester. I have served on 15 weekends since, rectoring the most recent weekend. I have served on the Southern Minnesota VdC Site-Selection subcommittee for the past few years, attended two National Lutheran Secretariat conventions, and have been a part of IGNITE’s Kindling Committee. The Kindling Committee has accomplished a lot in the last 9 months and there is a lot more to do that I am excited to assist with.

I have experience serving other non-profits as I was on the board of directors for Rainbow School, a Christian Preschool. I also served as the board president. Besides Via de Cristo, I enjoy spending time with my family, including helping coach Kasey & Cooper’s softball and basketball teams and cheering at my daughter’s hockey games. Regardless of being elected to the IGNITE Council, I would enjoy serving on an IGNITE subcommittee, if needed. GLY&SDI

Vikki McCullough-Van Veldhuizen:

11961I live in rural Northfield, MN with my husband Roger where we attend Bethel Lutheran Church. I went through Via de Cristo weekend #332 at Hastings, MN in 1999. I sat at the Study Table.

Since my weekend I have been Rectora of all four teams. I also served as Treasurer on two occasions. I was the Rectora for weekend #555 in Stewartville, MN in 2010. My weekend verses were John 11:35 and Hebrews 11:1. I have served on many weekends as a member of each team. Also, in 2010 my husband Roger and I were co-chairs of the National Lutheran Via de Cristo Secretariat/Gathering held in MN. I have also attended four national gatherings as a delegate for MN. I will be serving on the Registration Team for the 2020 national gathering in MN this summer. I have also served on the Southern MN Via de Cristo Committee as Secretary and most recently as the Ultreya Coordinator within Ignite.

If I were to be Director Elect, I would welcome your comments, both positive and negative, as well as concerns and dreams, you may have for our new Secretariat. I ask that you prayerfully consider exercising your voting right and vote for candidates you believe to be the best choice. God loves YOU, and so do I.


Lisa Jacoby:

81808750_1421030884738291_8980768026001408000_nMy husband Todd and I worship at Zion Lutheran Church in Lake Crystal. Todd and I attended the co-ed Episcopal Cursillo weekend #32 in January 2007. In the past 13 years I have served on all four teams and was overall Rector in March of 2014. I was secretary for Southern MN Via de Cristo in 2014 and would be honored to serve as Ignite’s secretary.

Spiritual Directors (2)

Pastor Kelly Heide:

258799_228052070538371_2149443_oI have been asked to tell you something about myself. So, here we go! I was born in Honolulu, Hawaii and raised in Casper, Wyoming. My family of origin included my father and mother, one brother, and two sisters. I am the second oldest. Growing up, science was my passion and my goal was to be a research microbiologist. That did not happen. My first career was as a medical technologist in small hospital laboratories. I attended Chadron State College and Creighton University.

Then, when I finally decided God was in charge, I attended Luther Seminary for my M.Div. The first time I heard about Via de Cristo was in seminary. Some of my close friends were involved. My intern supervisor convinced me to attend a weekend. This was November 2006. I was hooked. Since coming to the Southwester Minnesota Synod, I have been a SD at numerous weekends (I won’t bore you with how many). VDC is my family. I believe that God is leading us to new and amazing ministries. God loves you and so do I!

Pastor Krista Strum:

82501484_483936942557778_6760516585351282688_nI attended VDC weekend 515 in Lake Crystal. I live in Madelia with my girls, Katherine and Lauren since 2015 when I was called as serve pastor at Trinity Lutheran Church in Madelia and Truman. I have served numerous times as both Rollo room SD and Palanca SD. I have served as Spiritual Director on Southern Committee many years. One of my greatest joys as pastor and SD is to see how people’s lives are transformed by God’s grace and how it impacts their lives.

Finance Chair

Open Position

Leadership and Development Chair

Ron Fleischmann:

82375724_608078419987858_1551572835648929792_nI first went through VDC in Madelia, weekend #648. I have either served or sponsored a weekender every weekend since. You may know me as JustRon or as that harmonica guy. I have served as an assistant rector in the rollo room. I’m an educator by trade. My reason for running on the council is to help us simplify our weekend materials and practices while strictly adhering to the basic required framework for the weekender experience.

Communications Chair

Tana Helleksen:

11966I’m the mom of three adult children and one Kitchen Aid mixer. I enjoy cooking and baking when it’s time to be indoors and kayaking and fishing when I’m outside. I come from a very large family with 4 brothers, 4 sisters-in-law and 19 nieces and nephews! I have been involved with Via De Cristo since 2007 and have served on every team at least once… I even have experience in wearing the chicken suit! It’s very hard to choose a favorite team (as you all know) so having had the opportunity to serve on each of them has been a giant blessing! It is my desire to see Ignite Via De Cristo flourish and I believe that the way to accomplish this is through a variety of forms of communication that will keep the Ignite community alive and excited!

Operations Chair

Joe Wagner:

82962494_2544369175843475_5160440542294704128_nMy wife Melissa and I live on a farm outside Lake Crystal where we raised our three children who are now grown and off on their own. I work as the Building and Grounds Supervisor for the Lake Crystal WellcomeMemorial School District. God met me where I was at when I came to weekend #429 in March 2004. The weekend changed the direction of my life. Since then, I have served on more than 25 VdC weekends in whatever capacity needed, primarily music, as I was inspired to learn to play the guitar after my weekend. I have also served on the State Council in Operations when the trailer was still being shared with the North and Metro. I will continue to serve in any area needed to promote this ministry.

Outreach Chair

Sharylyn Pioske:

82364604_800811767099931_6244338026919493632_nI went through VdC Weekend #543 in Redwood Falls, MN in spring 2010. Since then, I have served on all 4 teams for a total of 12 different times, including being the Assistant Rectora in the Rollo Room (619). I have also been the Rectora in Kitchen (#571 & 673) and 4th Day (#663) as well as being Assistant Rectora in Kitchen (668) and Palanca (649). I have served as the Chicken 3 times and I thoroughly enjoy that role. I have also been the Printer, a Rollista and served as the hands and feet on the 4th Day team a number of times.

I have been married to my wonderful husband since February, 1994 and we have 4 children, 1 son-in-law and a super adorable grandson. Our oldest daughter, Morgan, went through her VdC weekend (591) in Hutchinson in 2013. I work as a Health Unit Coordinator in the Radiology Dept at New Ulm Medical Center, which is essentially a glorified secretary. I am a member at Central Lutheran Church in rural Fairfax, MN. I have held positions as church secretary as well as council secretary and feel I would be a good fit for secretary of the Ignite VdC Council.

Site Selection Chair

Shawn Corder:

13403101_1333920989969786_1100866600314358630_oI have been a member of the 1st Presbyterian Church of Redwood Falls since 1995 and also a member of the church choir since then. I do volunteer work at Ruby’s Pantry for the past 5+ years, and I’m an Assistant Scout Master for the past 3+ years here in Redwood. We recently acquired 2 teenage brothers that are now living with us, so I’m getting acquainted with my 2 new Goliath’s, so the tally is up to 8 children. I am self-employed for 18 years doing I.T. stuff that most folks don’t understand, and really enjoy campfires with grilling dinner outside. My weekend was in 2013 and I’ve served on 8 teams, including Assistant Rector in the kitchen and Assistant Rector in the rollo room

Stephanie Silvers:

82148670_855325408243228_4968595829334999040_nI am a member of Greenfield Lutheran Church in Harmony, MN. I have been involved with Via de Cristo since 2010 when I went through my weekend in Stewartville, MN. I have served on 10 weekends, including Palanca Rector. What can I tell you about myself? I am first and foremost a child of God. I do my best to live up to that calling, but fall short because I am a simple human being. God Loves You and So Do I.

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