God is Sheer Beauty

For God is sheer beauty. All generous in love, loyal always and ever. Psalm 100:5 “For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations”.

This spoke to me so loudly. Today our Gospel is about The upper room. Jesus appeared to His disciples. But John wasn’t there..so he questioned the truth. I do that…we probably all do. Especially in these times. I looked at the first verse. God is sheer beauty…There is a lot today that is not sheer beauty. So for me, that begged the question…Am I seeing God’s sheer beauty? Or I am focusing on the things in the world? Am I like Thomas, waiting to actually put my hand in Jesus side so it can proven? Or am I believing because I have faith?

Two thoughts: Jesus did not condemn Thomas because he needed proof. So It’s ok to question, to be afraid, to be confused, angry, sad, to look for proof He is there. It’s also okay to believe in God’s sheer beauty in today’s world. To believe He is loyal…for always and forever. Our Lord is the TRUTH! Cling to Him. He loves beyond all understanding. So don’t wait till you understand it all to stand in the truth. Lord…help me to stand in the Truth. In Jesus name I pray.

Written and Submitted by our Sister in Christ, Debbie Eckstein

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