This was written by an amazing brother in Christ, Tyson Hennis, thank you, Tyson. Friends in Christ, if you have a devotional, story or meme you would like to share, please send a message to Ignite Via de Cristo Public.

My eyes were made for one,
I don’t want crowds,
Because I’ve seen plenty.
My heart was made for some,
But if I have one,
I’ve got many.

So fragile to the touch,
My heart moves with such passion.
Materials I don’t have much,
But a heart full of compassion.

My eyes look deep,
Beneath the surface they seek.
I find Beauty in meek,
Embracing love in the weak.

My spirit is like a rose,
With pain written all over.
I am the one God chose,
Daily growing closer.

I’m soft to the touch,
Don’t take my looks given
I choose to love much..

Because I’ve been forgiven 🖤

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