Letter to Community

Dear Ignite VdC Members,

The Outreach Committee has been working diligently on planning an Ultreya and just how that will look during this uncertain period of Covid-19. At this time we have determined that the best scenario is to do a Zoom Ultreya. I would like to explain why we have come to this decision. 

With the current Covid-19 pandemic we are reminded that there are many different perspectives to consider.  We need to respect each other’s personal stance and understanding of Covid-19, yet it is our responsibility to make sure we are connecting in the safest way possible. There was discussion of having an outdoor in person Ultreya, however we didn’t want to put something together in a hurry and we also don’t want to worry about the weather as that brings other concerns.

With that said we would like to plan an Ultreya on Saturday, October 24. (This is the date that we would have had the Co-ed weekend if not for Covid-19.) This will be a Zoom Ultreya. We are looking for volunteers to take on different parts of the Ultreya. We are seeking people willing to do readings, people to play/lead music, and someone to do a witness talk. Eucharist will be part of the Ultreya. You are asked to prepare to participate with your own crackers and juice.

Anyone who is interested in helping with this Zoom Ultreya in any way, please contact Sharylyn Pioske via email grammysharylyn@gmail.com or phone/text message 507-276-2759.

Please keep this Ultreya in your prayers. Remember, we are all in this together. God loves you and so do I. 

Sharylyn Pioske

Outreach Committee Chair

Ignite VdC

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